stabo slide-in bracket

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stabo slide-in bracket

With acoustic channel | No additional loudspeaker required

Art.Nr.: 50229

Slide-in bracket
with 3006e 12/24V

Art. no.: 30120

Slide-in bracket
with 3003e 12/24V

Art. no.: 30077

Slide-in bracket
with xm 3082

Art. no.: 30061

Slide-in bracket
with xm 3044

Art. no.: 30066


Art. no.:

DIN radio slot, 180 x 50 mm (ISO 7736)

Suitable for the devices
stabo xm 3003e, xm 3044 and xm 3082

Scope of supply:
Slide-in bracket
Mounting kit


Mounting instructions  (PDF 35 KB)
Catalog page (PDF 153 KB)


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