CB Radio

Mercedes CB special design for Actros-Truck‎

with VOX (DGM patent)
with easy-to-use microphone holder (DGM patent)

CB Radio

Communication for free*

* free of registration and charges in Germany.

xm 5008e 12/24 V VOX

all-in-one Europe CB radio VOX
energy-efficient 24 V operation

xm 3008e VOX 12/24

all-in-one Europe CB radio VOX
energy-efficient 24 V operation

xm 3004e VOX 12/24

all-in-one Europe CB radio VOX
energy-efficient 24 V operation

xm 3006e 12/24 V VOX

all-in-one Europe CB radio
energy-efficient 24 V operation

Communication for everybody

CB radio is a worldwide communicative hobby which is supported in many clubs with lively club life. Above all, truck drivers are using CB radio for private travel news. With the help of the packet radio mode, transmission of data is possible via definite channels. To do so, a modem establishing the connection between the CB radio set and a computer is required.

80 CB radio channels are available in Germany. Within regions being close to country borders, “safety distances to be observed temporarily” from the neighboring countries are applicable when using the channels 41 – 80. For more information on this behalf, please contact the Bundesnetzagentur.

CB radio (27 MHz) offers the following

  • 4 W transmitting power = high radio ranges could be possible
  • 40 European, harmonized channels, up to 80 channels in Germany (and CZ)
  • Possibility of data transmission (packet radio)

Legal regulations

Operating CB radio devices:
In Germany this device is not subject to compulsory registration or fees.
However, in other countries other regulations apply: before using the device abroad, obtain
information on the current valid national regulations. Adhere to the respective regulations
and register the device as necessary – otherwise you risk incurring heavy fines or even the
confiscation of your radio device!

Installing a radio device in a motor vehicle:
For almost all motor vehicles the manufacturer provides installation guidelines for radio
devices and antennas: therefore, contact your car dealer for the respective manufacturer
guidelines for your vehicle model. When installing, it is imperative that you adhere to these
guidelines as the approval for use for your vehicle can otherwise be rendered null and void!

Use of voice radio in the vehicle:
Whereas the driver of a motor vehicle is only permitted to use mobile phones with hands-free
equipment or with the vehicle motor shut off, the German “StVO” (highway code) includes
an explicit exception for radio devices up until 30 June 2020 (before travelling abroad,
obtain information on any different regulations which may apply!). With activated hands-free
equipment (VOX), the radio device will fulfil the regulations from 1 July 2020. However, only
use your device if the traffic conditions allow it.