Smoke detector 51116 longlife

Early warning system

Smoke detector 51116

Battery service life of 10 years | muting function and Lithium battery

Economical and environmentally friendly

  • Battery service life of 10 years
  • Additional power supply
  • 3-cell Lithium battery (CR123A))
  • Protection against the unauthorized battery removal
  • CE (EN 14604)
  • Timeless design
  • 85 dB alarm signal (3 m)
  • Test key for function test
  • Indication of ready-to-operate state
    by slowly flashing (approx. every 45 sec.)
  • Muting key
    for briefly switching off the alarm tone in the event of
    a false alarm (e.g. due to cooking fumes),
  • Automatic reset after approx. 5 min.
  • Weak battery indicator
  • Warning duration of 30 days at least
  • Secure locking using the mounting plate
    thanks to special lock system
  • Easy mounting


Art. no.:

Diameter 100 mm, height approx. 35 mm, 106 g

Battery demand:
3-cell Lithium battery (CR123A)

Scope of supply:
Smoke detectors
3-cell Lithium battery (CR123A)
Mounting material

Suitable for private rooms
For providing a minimum coverage, the escape routes (hallways, staircase) and all bedrooms are to be equipped with smoke detectors, for additional protection install also in living rooms and/or rooms containing electrical devices as well (e.g. TV or computer rooms).

Checked according to EN 14604:2005/AC:2008
Produced under ISO 9001 control


Optional accessories

Magnet mounting



Operating instructions (PDF, 510 KB)
Flyer (PDF, 119 KB)

Declaration of Performance (DoP) (PDF, 37 KB)

Errors and technical modifications reserved, design deviations possible.