Home Security

Home Security

… are you safe?

The products belonging to stabo’s Home Security product range provide increased safety and a better living comfort:
Whether smoke detector, monitoring system or door/window alarm – the installation of all devices is fast and without the need for extensive cabling.

Radio security systems

smart i_control

Video monitoring system

multifon home guard

Notification by phone in the event of an alarm

multifon WLAN outdoor cam M8GB-L

Live image per smartphone/tablet per WLAN thanks to Android or iOS app

Video security systems

WLAN indoorcam_fisheye 360°

Monitoring | Intercom | Recording functions

WLAN indoorcam_fisheye 180°

With automatic, digital 180° panning function

Smoke detectors

Radio smoke detector 51130

Radio interlinking of up to 30 smoke detectors

Smoke detector 51113

Saving lives early

Door/window alarm / smart control e-plug

TFA 100

Door/window alarm system with switch key


2,4 GHz Flächenantenne

smart control e-plug

Higher comfort and security at home or away from home!

Home Security accessories