Smoke detector 51113

Early warning system

Smoke detector 51113

Photoelectric | battery powered

Can save lives by early warning

  • Latest photoelectric technology
  • Quickly and easy installed
  • 85 dB alarm signal
  • Battery operation (9 V)
  • Battery warning tone (weak battery)
  • ISO 9001 production control
  • CE marking
  • 3 years warranty


Art. no.:

Diameter 107 mm, height approx. 37 mm

Battery demand:
9 V block battery

Warranty: 3 years

Scope of supply:
Smoke detector incl. battery pack
Operating instructions

Installation recommendation:
At least one device
in the hallways/ stair case and in each bedroom

Suitable for apartments and private houses

Checked according to EN 14604:2005/AC:2008
Produced under ISO 9001 control


Optional accessories

Magnet mounting



Operating instructions (PDF, 61 KB)
Flyer (PDF, 125 KB)
Catalog page (PDF, approx. 100 KB)
Declaration of Performance (DoP) (PDF, 38 KB)

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