RFS distributor

RFS distributor


stabo is your powerful RFS distributor in Germany and provides you with high-frequency cables and high-grade accessories.


Services Training

Individual solutions for particular requirements

Our services for you:

  • High-quality RFS cables in cable reels or specified lengths
  • Enormous accessory range starting from plugs to clamps
  • “Tailor-made” cable assembly according to your requirements
  • Competent expert advice
  • Fast, careful completion of orders
  • Practical product training either on our end or in your company

Tailoring the desired cable

stabo’s scope of service also includes the “tailor-made” cable assembly!

Please inform us on your specific requirements.
We provide you with individual solutions and produce jumpers according to your wishes.


Our offer includes:

  • RADIALFLEX®, BDS/HELIFLEX® RG cable (8, 58, 213/214)
  • Various plug types (7/16, N, 4.3-10, PL, BNC)

Staff qualification / Certificates

More info / Downloads

Company profile (PDF, approx. 1,3 MB)
Cellflex cable (PDF, approx. 2,3 MB)
Jumper cable (PDF, approx. 2,3 MB)
Radiaflex cable (PDF, approx. 3,8 MB)
Flexwell (PDF, approx. 3,9 MB)
Directional antennas – mechanical and electrical values (PDF, approx. 500 KB)
Mobile phone antennas (PDF, approx. 2,5 MB)
Products for site optimization (PDF, approx. 900 KB)
Product news (PDF, approx. 2,7 MB)
Mounting instructions (PDF, approx. 5,2 MB)
Technical basics (PDF, approx. 800 KB)

RFS partner for more than 18 years

In our one-day seminars, your learn everything about the correct use of RHS cables and accessories and on the increasing importance of PIM measurements!

You will take benefit from expert tips: We offer personal support in small groups, individual assistance and practical guidance.

Make use of our practical expert knowledge and register still today – we would be pleased to inform you on the next available training date!

Our program for you


Target group: Installers, service technicians, sales staff with technical background
Number of participants: At least 6, but not more than 12 persons
Seminar fee: The training is free of charge!
Training location: stabo Elektronik GmbH, Münchewiese 16, 31137 Hildesheim, Germany
In house training: You have particular requirements or would like to have a training for several staff members? You will get a visit from our experts!

We invite you to inform yourself about a “tailor-made” in-house training for your company.

Our offer includes:

  • CELLFLEX® installation and mounting training
  • RADIAFLEX® installation and mounting training
  • PIM measurements (passive intermodulation): Introduction to the subject and practical PIM measurements on the cable.

Upon request, we also assist and advise you in the range of WAVEGUIDE® and BDS/HELIFLEX® products.

Sample certificate

Customer comments


Please feel free to contact us:

Benjamin Münzberger
Phone: 05121-7620-45

Thomas Schröder
Phone: 05121-7620-66

Note: Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

Dear customer,

Since July 1, 2017, the European Construction Product Regulation (CPR) being based on standard EN 50575:2017 is in force. This standard relates to cables which will be permanently laid in buildings of any type. The specific requirement for the provision of the cable fire class is subject to the respective construction law – in Germany the construction law of the concerned federal state.

For a detailed datasheet (in English) including CPR-compliant cables and the corresponding fire classes, please click here:

Download datasheet of CPR-compliant cables (English)